Q: What size are your fake panels?

A: Texture Panels fake panels are an average of 600 by 1200. Many designs are available in our interlocking style which allows you to seamlessly cover an unlimited area (i.e., any area wider than four feet). As a rule of thumb, plan on 8 sq/ft for standard panels and 7 sq/ft for interlocking panels.

Q: How thick is your simulated siding?

A: Texture Panels simulated siding is an average of 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick depending upon the design.

Q: How much does each fake stone panel weigh?

A: An average Texture Panel  weighs approximately 2.5  -2.6 Kg each

Q: Is there a minimum order? Where can I buy them?

A: There's no minimum!  Small orders ship easily in cartons, larger orders by common carrier (container orders are available).

Q: How many fake panels does Texture Panels offer?

A: Texturepanels offers simulated siding in nearly 200 designs of brick veneer, faux stone, wood wall paneling, and bamboo siding.

Q: What fake design corner pieces are available?

A: Texture Panels currently sells corner pieces that coordinate with the entire line as well as matching corners in Stonewall, Brick, Stacked Stone and Ledgestone Select.

Q: Is there any benefit to the caulk & adhesive sold by Texture Panels?

A: The benefit of buying our textured caulk is that it is perfectly color matched to the grout/mortar joints within our fake panels allowing you to create a completely seamless appearance. Color matched textured caulk is only available through Texture Panels.

Q: Does Texture Panels have fire-rated fake panels?

A: Yes, Texture Panels  sells both fire-rated simulated siding and non fire-rated simulated siding . The fire-rated faux panels are certified with an ASTM E84 Class-A rating. Fire-rated panels are suitable for indoor use only. Fun Fact: Boeing uses the same material on their aircraft.

Q: Can I use Texture Panels fire-rated fake panels outside or in wet environments?

A: No, although our non fire-rated fake panels are waterproof, our fire-rated faux panels are not suitable for outdoors or wet environments. Contact us at 0414 746345 for more details.

Q: Does Texture Panels offer a warranty?

A: At Texturepanels, we stand behind our fake panels. Texture Panels has been in business for over 31 years perfecting our process and materials, and our fake panel line has evolved over the years to keep pace with the needs of our customers. Satisfied customers in extreme climates from Alaska to the Caribbean use Texture Panels  with confidence. Our fake panels are backed by a 25-year finish/50 year material warranty.

Q: Are the fake panels safe for my child to be around? Are the fake panels toxic?

A: Texture Panels is completely safe for both children and adults. There is no Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) required with our simulated siding. Additionally, our panels are produced with all water-based chemistry, with no VOC and do not “off gas” any formaldehyde.

Q: Can I bend or curve the panels?

A: Yes, Texture Panels will bend or curve a minimal of 4" in its length. You can also 'kerf' (cuts every inch or two 1/8th) into the back of the panel to get a greater bend or curve.

Q: How many of the fake panels interlock?

A: Currently, more than 70 of our fake panels available in the interlock design.

Q: What is the benefit of buying interlocking fake panels?

A: The benefit to using our interlocking fake panels is that they provide a totally seamless look.

Q: Why don't all of your fake panels interlock?

A: Not all of our fake panel designs call for interlocking. For instance, in nature, slate is a slab; so using an interlocking design would lessen the realistic appearance. The standard panels allow you to create your own design.

Q: Can Texture Panels fake panels be used outdoors as well as indoors?

A: Absolutely, Texture Panels uses a high-density polymer to make our fake stone siding, brick veneer siding, and wood paneling, making them impervious to water damage, insect damage and all types of weather. Texture Panels then finishes the fake panels with an extremely durable UV resistant clear coat to completely ensure that our fake panels are versatile enough for either in or outdoor use.

Q: Are Texture Panels fake panels safe in the kitchen and as a backsplash?

A: Texture Panels fake panels are safe to use in the kitchen. Simply use a mild soap to clean it rather than harsh sprays and degreasers.

Q: If I was to install the fake panels in my basement, which can be damp, will it ruin or lessen the life expectancy of the product?

A: Installing our fake panels in a basement will not ruin or lessen the life expectancy. There is virtually no absorption, which is why Texturepanels can offer our simulated siding for indoor or outdoor use. Our do-it-yourself siding performs with flying colors thorough humidity, weather & water immersion testing.

Q: Can I use your fake panels in a pond or pool, or run a waterfall over it?

A: Our panels are used in many ponds, waterfalls and are even safe for fish! (As substances like chlorine and other minerals may damage the finish of the simulated siding, please note that the warranty for this use does not cover the finish.) Texture Panels suggests ordering a free sample and testing it out first.

Q: Can I use your fake panels as flooring?

A: Texture Panels fake panels have not been designed to use as flooring. It is perfect for a display or trade show flooring, but we don't recommend it for everyday foot traffic. A sharp heel might scratch the panel and coating.

Q: Are the non fire-rated fake panels safe to use around a fireplace?

A: Texture Panels recommends the fire-rated fake panels when the product is being installed anywhere near extreme heat. The non fire-rated faux panels have a flash point of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit (over 315 degrees Celsius). Our fire-rated faux panels have an ASTM E-84 Class A rating & we provide certification.

Q: Can I repaint Texture Panels fake panels?

A: Texture Panels offers simulated siding primed, without color. Please be aware however, that any coloring put on the fake panel is not covered by our warranty.

Q: What type of paint can I use when repainting Texture Panels?

A: Texture Panels recommends using water-based, acrylic or latex paint when repainting fake panels.

Q: Do you offer custom colors?

A: Yes, Texture Panels gladly offers custom colors for orders above 50 fake panels at $350 per color match. Call or email us for details.

Q: Can I get a fake panel half in one color and half in another?

A: No, Texture Panels cannot divide a fake panel into two separate colors.

Q: Can I work with standard tools on Texture Panels fake panels?

A: Yes! You can cut, route, drill and fasten Texture Panels fake panels with ordinary woodworking tools for use by the novice or master. Use standard saw blades for cutting.

Q: What tools do I need to install the fake panels?

A: Texture Panels fake panels are easily installed using tools found in almost everyone's toolbox. To complete a wall, we recommend using: Screws, Construction Adhesive/Glue (we recommend PL® Polyurethane Premium Construction Adhesive), Screwdriver,  Sandpaper or sanding block, Caulking gun, and Texture Panels color-matched textured caulk. Optional: Saw (for custom cutting).

Q: Will the fake panels slide right in together?

A: It is possible that there may be some high-points that need sanding. This can be fixed easily just by going over the area with a sanding block. See installation instructions.

Q: How do I cover corners with Texture Panels fake panels?

A: In most cases when rounding a corner, the edges of the faux panels are first cut into two 45-degree angles. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to miter a corner using both our interlocking and standard do-it-yourself siding.

Q: Can I use one fake panel on the top of my wall & a second fake panel on the bottom? Will they match up or will I need to use molding?

A: Using two Texture Panels fake designs is an excellent way to give visual contrast to a wall! Whether or not you'll want to use molding will depend upon the two designs you choose, you can use molding or you may like it without.

Q: When installing the fake panels, if I incorrectly drill the screws--will the fake panel crack?

A: If you incorrectly drill screws when installing Texture Panels fake panels, they will not crack. That's a real benefit of working with Texture Panels. Since our simulated siding is not wood, there is no splintering or flaking, and unlike real stone or slate our fake stone panels will not crack, you just get clean lines.

Q: Can I hang pictures on the fake panels?

A: Yes, you can hang pictures on the faux panels. We strongly recommend that you use a molly or screw into a stud if the panels are installed on plaster.

Q: How do I store Texture Panels fake panels?

A: We suggest storing fake panels flat on a surface in order to avoid bowing. If the simulated siding is stored in an upright position and do bow, lay them flat and they will self-correct.

Q: What temperature should I store Texture Panels fake panels?

A: Texture Panels fake panels should be stored at room temperature or cooler. If the fake panels are stored at this range of temperature, they will be ready for immediate use even in cold weather.

Q: How can I order fake panels from Texture Panels?

A: You can order fake panels online (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)by sending us through a purchase order or by calling 0414 746345

Q: What does a sample look like and how many free samples can I get?

A: While competitors charge for samples, Texture Panels will be happy to send you two random design samples at no charge (approx 15cm by 15cm). Free samples [15cm by 15cm] are taken from full size panels [600 by 1200], so you can easily see the incredible realism of our designs. Need a sample of a specific design? Just note it on your request or contact us at 0414 746345.  If you need extensive samples, order our full sample kits here (charges may apply).

Q: How many fake panels come in a pallet?

A: There are approximately 120 fake panels of Texture Panels in each pallet depending on the design choice and . Need less? Panels ship in easy to manage cartons.

Q: Can I order samples of Texture Panels simulated siding?

A: Yes, to receive your free sample pack and other Texture Panels promotions please contact us.