Texture Panels is the lightweight, long-lasting and affordable choice for extraordinarily realistic fake brick, stone, wood, bamboo and metal panels. Homeowners, contractors, retail stores, shopfitters, designers, architects, and many others turn to Texture Panels for high quality, easy to install extraordinarily realistic simulated panels that save time and money over traditional building materials.

Texture Panels are approximately 600mm by 1200mm sheets, (The brick panels been slightly smaller approximately 600mm by 1100mm). they are all backed by a 25 year limited warranty for your complete satisfaction.

Our highly durable panels are perfect for indoor or outdoor use in any climate and come in nearly 200 designs-fake stone, fake brick, fake bamboo and many more.

Standard fit and interlocking Texture Panels are easy to install for home owners and professionals alike.Once installed,signs, pictures and wall displays can simply be screwed into Texture Panels without fear of splintering or cracking.

And because our panels are so easy to work with and cost less, Texture Panels can be used in place of many traditional building materials at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time without compromising quality.

Our Products
Light weight fake stone, fake brick, fake wood, fake concrete, fake bamboo, fake metal
Works well in all climates
Insulates and sound proofs
Impervious to insect attacks
Impervious to moisture
UV protected
Outlasts wood products
Environmentally sound
Total seamless interlocking design

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